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Robert Silverman and Diana Newman portray Civil War history as

We hope that this page will introduce you to the services that we provide. Our web site is under construction and will be ready soon.

The Scheier Brothers

Robert Silverman and Diana Newman, the creators of Benjamin and David Scheier (pronounced like shire), are experienced and knowledgeable Civil War living historians who saw the need to present history in an easily accessible and historically accurate way at clubs, schools, and other organizations' meetings and events.

Benjamin and David Scheier, veterans of the Union Army, are composite characters based on actual soldiers' memoirs, diaries, and other historical records and reflect the experiences and attitudes of soldiers of the era.
When the Scheier brothers visit your group, they wear their duty uniforms, with weapons if appropriate; punctuate their talk with period photographs, art, and humor; and interact with each other and the audience. They will even sing a song or two if time permits. Also, David has a secret to reveal: "he" is really Sarah, Benny's wife, one of the hundreds of married and single women who hid their gender and honorably served as soldiers.

Presentations by The Scheier Brothers

The Life of the Civil War Soldier

The everyday life of soldiers described by telling stories and  showing "household" items and period photographs and art.

Nurses, Leaders, Soldiers, and Spies: Civil War Women

A presentation of contributions of dedicated northern and southern women during the war.

Civil War Women of New Jersey

Stories of several New Jersey women, each of whom strove in her own way to preserve the Union.

Mascots of the Civil War

In a lighter vein: stories of dogs, a donkey, an eagle, and even a camel who followed soldiers into the army.

Each of these presentations is designed to last about an hour. Any of them can be customized for your group, adapted to outdoor settings, or be incorporated into a larger event. If desired, the Scheier brothers can be presented as confederates, as done recently at an outdoor Civil War history event.

A special note for schools

We have experience teaching at a variety of age levels and are familiar with the NJ DOE curriculum standards. When preparing a program for a school, we coordinate with a social studies resource teacher to ensure that the program meets the school's specific needs and plans. 

Please contact us

For further information regarding presentations, availability, and honoraria.

     Telephone: 513-403-2149
     E-mail: thescheierbrothers@yahoo.com
     US Mail: The Scheier Brothers, 663 Norwood Ave., Long Branch, NJ 07740

We are located in Long Branch, NJ and will travel all over the state and nearby portions of PA, NY, DE, and MD.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.